Dropbox: the pioneer of personal and professional cloud storage since 2007


Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, MIT students, founded Dropbox in 2007.  Dropbox is an American company based in San Francisco. For the past 10 years, the company has been developing an online storage service on the cloud. Like Amazon, Dropbox is a pioneer in the field of cloud storage. In total, the service now brings together more than 500 million users.

In the past, computer data and files could only be stored on physical media such as hard disks, SD cards or floppy disks. For just over a decade, however, cloud storage has been increasingly used.

What is Dropbox? Cloud Storage Service Overview

Created in 2007 by MIT students, Dropbox is originally a personal cloud storage service. It can also be considered as an online backup service. The Dropbox application is compatible with Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Ubuntu PC OSes. The mobile app is also available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry.

The files saved in the Dropbox folder can be accessed from anywhere via a simple internet connection.  Users have to log into his account to download and share data. Sharing a file is possible by generating a URL from the Dropbox website and send it to contacts so that they can access the file.

Dropbox Business: document storage and sharing service used by many companies

Dropbox’s synchronization system also facilitates sharing and collaboration, as different users can access the files from their respective computers and mobile devices. Dropbox Business, the version of the service for professionals, is used by more than 200,000 companies including National Geographic, Hyatt and News Corp. Its administration and security features make it a reliable and efficient working tool.

The data stored on Dropbox is protected by SSL/TLS and AES 256-bit encryption, making it very difficult for hackers and other malicious people to access it. Besides, it is possible to recover old versions of deleted files or files for 30 days for the free version, and up to 120 days for paid packages. For companies, since October 2015, Dropbox has been offering Dropbox Paper, a collaborative document editing tool.

Dropbox at the heart of a data privacy controversy

Despite its many qualities, Dropbox is not immune to controversy. Among the most significant accidents in its history, we can mention an authentication problem that occurred in June 2011. For 4 hours, many accounts were accessible without passwords. In another register, in July 2011, the terms of use a

The Huawei case – understanding an unprecedented crisis

Huawei has been in the eye of the storm for a few months already, the Chinese mobile phone giant being accused by the Trump administration of spying on US interests. But things have accelerated and escalated since the official ban last week preventing the Chinese giant from dealing with any company that “could endanger national security.”

Since Google announced that it would stop its commercial relations with the Chinese giant, things have been going on; statements have multiplied, decisions taken have been postponed, negotiations have resumed, other options have bloomed. It makes this case extremely confusing.

Can Huawei get by without Google?

Faced with the crisis, Huawei organized himself. The group’s representative before the European authorities, Abraham Liu, thus ensures that different teams of the group work hand in hand with Google to respond to the American embargo. Huawei was granted a three-month stay until August 19. It allows them to refine their alternative. For several months now, the Chinese giant has been working in secret on its response to be able to do without its American counterpart.

For the moment, Huawei is focusing on negotiating with Google.

But at the same time, the group is working hard to find a plan B, developing its competing operating system. According to CNBC, it could be ready in China before the end of the year. This system would be available internationally in early 2020. According to the Chinese daily Global Times, the OS called HongMeng is in the testing phase. It was developed in 2012.  At Huawei, they are somewhat optimistic. But there are no equivalent applications, that’s the problem. Afterward, Huawei is thinking about the possibility of providing smartphones with an Android OpenSource version, free for users to then install Google services.

Huawei has also been secretly working on a proprietary application store for several months. But it will be challenging to compete with the Google Play Store. Since the beginning of 2018, the Chinese giant has been knocking on the door of application developers, but also European telecom operators with attractive proposals. The idea is to expand the store’s catalog and promote its deployment as quickly as possible.

Can other smartphone manufacturers be affected?

The United States first targeted ZTE and then Huawei. They are both smartphone manufacturers, but above all, they are major telecom players. Huawei generates 48% of its revenue from smartphones but has become a key player in the infrastructures required for 5G. The other Chinese manufacturers do not work in the Telecom sector. The Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus do not yet play in the same category.

And last but not least, their founder is not a former army officer, member of the Chinese Communist Party! A Chinese actor who prefers to keep his name secret pointed out to us that he had no connection with the Chinese government. They are nevertheless outside any reply. Not easy, especially if China reacts by boycotting Apple products, for example. We can imagine the rest very well. Donald Trump was able to be unpredictable!

5 Really Creative Entrepreneurs of 2018

The world now is all about being an entrepreneur, but being one is definitely not an easy thing to do, it’s a full-time, everyday job, where you can be your own boss. If you want to become an entrepreneur you must get to know the most important and creative entrepreneurs of 2018, here are 5:

Erica Fite And Katie Keating, Co-Founders of Fancy

And because we are all about women empowerment, we start the list with co-founders of the well-known agency; Fancy. This agency is all about helping a new brand to come up, where their team is in charge to create social, digital, video, and traditional campaigns.

Bobby Hundreds, The Hundreds

Streetwear has gained more and more attention, and Bobby Hundreds knew that. He created his own line inspired by hip-hop fans, surfers, and skaters. However, his popularity increased in a huge way when he implemented blogs as a way to keep up with his fans and educating every single person that goes in his site ¡how inspiring!

Karen X. Cheng, Founder of Butterbar

And because social media is growing more and more popular, we bring up to the list an agency specialized in viral videos.  Butterbar searches the internet for the most viral videos and trends, and use them as ads in a way to make distribution and promotion of their products.

Melisse Gelula, Co-Founder, Chief Content Officer, Well + Good

Millennials are all about working out and so is Well + Good. This company provides the services of yoga and meditation. Their popularity was gained after the huge impact that this company caused on social media, with more than 1 million followers only on Instagram.

Michelle Nguyen, Scout Lab

One of the most important things in the world is food, and Scout Lab is here to make sure that the food your ingesting is healthy with a minimal footprint. They earned the attraction of the public with their interest of making food even better than what already is.

If you think that being an entrepreneur is an easy task, you got it all wrong. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible. What all of these people have in common is that they all started with one idea, and with the hopes of making their dreams come true.  They never gave up, and they became the most creative entrepreneur of 2018.

WordPress CMS And Website Hosting – What You Need To Know

hébergeur wordpress

Are you considering launching your own website? Maybe you have this great idea you want to get out there, and a website could serve the perfect purpose as a foundation. In fact, you could be contemplating the possibility of turning the website into an extra income through some way or another. Yes, the digital world is yours for the taking, but it’s not as easy at it sounds.

That’s because it takes smart and effective choices if you want to rise above your peers in terms of search engine rankings. You want to provide users with a functional website that is always quick and loads without hassles. And everything starts with the CMS you choose, as well as the host for the website.

The most popular CMS is no doubt WordPress, but it is a platform that also offers quality hosting packages. So if you are new to websites and you want to know more about making the right choices, keep reading this article about WordPress CMS and website hosting.

What Is A CMS And Why Is It Important?

CMS is short for Content Management System and speaks directly to the platform you use when building the website. Of course, there are several options available, and each one has something special to offer. But in this case, WordPress is the center of attention for several reasons.

Firstly, it is a very user-friendly platform. It will take a couple of minutes to figure out the dashboard, and you don’t need any coding knowledge to build a great site. Instead, everything has been simplified in such a way that almost anyone can get a site up and running.

But it’s not just the user-friendly aspect that makes l’hébergement d’un site WordPress so popular. Also, keep in mind that WordPress has a reputation for amazing performance where search engines are concerned. Given that the developers stay up to date with crucial changes to algorithm tweaks from search engines, it explains a lot.

By choosing the most powerful CMS to build your site with, you are giving yourself an advantage. And you can’t go wrong with WordPress.

What Is A Web Host?

The host/server is the connection between your site and the internet. Without a host, your site doesn’t exist. Just like you get different CMS platforms, you can choose between different hosts. Some are faster than others, some are more reliable in terms of having backup plans to maintain uptime for the site, and some shouldn’t even be considered.

With WordPress, the CMS platform is free. You don’t need to pay for anything if you have a domain you want to use with the WordPress CMS. As for the hosting part, there are different packages available depending on your budget. But take note that you are not obligated to use WordPress as a host when you utilize the CMS section. If you want a different host, simply make the switch or use a different host from the start. Find out why you need to start using WP here !

There’s a reason why WordPress has gained such a strong reputation. And when you start using it, you’ll know why.

An AI generates shockingly realistic faces

NVIDIA's AI produces Fake Human Photos

Three Nvidia researchers have created an artificial intelligence capable of generating realistic photos of individuals who do not even exist. How cool/creepy is that?

Beyond technical skills, we are already questioning our ability to distinguish between the true and the fake.

Generated by neural networks trained by 3 Nvidia researchers from scratch, these perfectly realistic pictures present a portrait of people who do not exist in the real world. The three scientists published a video, accompanied by their research work, on December 12, 2018. They should put their code and database in open source in the next few days.

What is the technology behind it?

To achieve this result, they relied on a generative adversarial network (GAN), an automatic learning system used in particular by artists, including those of the painting recently sold for $400,000. This automatic learning system puts two neural networks in competition. The first, the generator, generates images from the data provided to it. The second, the discriminator, points out those that are too close to the photos he receives. The tension between these two neural networks creates a learning loop, resulting in an improved GAN.

Nvidia researchers have built their own GAN that distinguishes between different “styles.” For example, it separates “high level” or “crude” attributes such as posture or facial shape, and “medium level” attributes such as nose, eyes, and mouth. Finally, there is a

Researchers can then adjust the level of variation for each of the styles (coarse, medium, or refined) to generate more or less similar faces.

Finally, the scientists considered several aspects of a human portrait to be random (or stochastic), such as hair position, pores, or freckles. “Therefore, we can generate them randomly without affecting our perception of the image, as long as they are correctly distributed,” they write in their study. By inserting statistical noise, they generate these details randomly, realistically.

For which purposes? What are the applications?

Nvidia researchers created these neural networks, and their code, as well as the databases in which they have been trained, will be put into open source very soon. Therefore, the Californian company should not get any direct benefit from the GAN developed by its researchers but can expect to get indirect benefits if other companies appropriate it. Nvidia remains the market leader in GPUs, the graphics processors initially used by the gaming industry. They are now coveted for their ability to perform several calculations in parallel, very useful in learning the machine, and essential for operating such artificial intelligence.

Dark patterns: five site techniques to trap Internet users

We present you the 5 techniques that we consider to be the best ones to increase your CTR in your online marketing campaigns. This selection is, of course, subjective and we might have forgotten some of them.

Creating urgency and FOMO

“High demand!” “Only 1 more room available”. Travel sites are full of worrying references suggesting that you will miss the hotel of your dreams and ruin your holidays if you don’t hurry to get out the Credit Card.

Booking even pushes the defect to display out of stock offers. A particularly twisted idea since this information is of no use to you and will stress you out a little more. But of course, that’s what it’s all about.

The trap of the infinite thread

The economic model of some sites (social networks, media, etc.) pushes them to want to keep the Internet user in their premises as long as possible.

How to do this? Offer him new content without interruption. It is the principle of automatic video launch on Netflix (which can be disabled). Or the infinite thread of social networks. Indeed, these tools are convenient. But there is a downside.

Unreadable Terms and Conditions

Passing on small sensitive conditions of use without lying to the Internet user? It couldn’t be easier.

All you have to do is explain all this in a nice paving stone, size 8, without any line spacing or paragraphs. Of course, we avoid putting any heading or illustration that could air the text and make the user want to stay on it. And we place a pretty green “Accept” button to help him quickly escape from this textual hell. It works every time.

The roach motel

“Roach motel” is what they call sites that, like a cockroach trap, let their target in but not out. Other companies do not hesitate to use this type of technique to prevent their users from unsubscribing from a paid service.

It may seem like they are just poorly designed sites. But make no mistake about it. If you have to go through 15 sections and go through 5 confirmation steps to unsubscribe, it’s no coincidence. Online businesses know that, due to lack of time or discouragement, many of us will give up, vowing to come back the next day. Then procrastinate for six months by going back so many times by then.

What if we delete the Refuse button?

Social networks can be blamed for a lot of things, but certainly not for being unimaginative. To encourage us never to refuse to share our personal data, they have become masters of ambiguous wording.

For example, in 2016, when Facebook was trying to get as many people as possible to accept SMS integration, it did not think it was appropriate to ask whether or not they wanted to enable this feature. Instead, the social network sent this very ambiguous pop-up that gave the impression that we had no other options than to press OK.

Windows 10: Microsoft would develop a browser based on Chromium

windows 10 os

Microsoft is developing a new web browser around Chromium, the same open-source strain Google uses for Chrome, says WindowsCentral. According to the site’s sources, the publisher has decided to drop EdgeHTML, the engine currently used in Edge and which it has been using since 2015 in Windows 10.

This engine has never been able to convince or get Edge to take off against its competitors. According to Net MarketShare statements, Edge has a 4.2% market share on desktop PCs. It is not far ahead of Safari, which can only express itself on Mac (3.8%) and still behind Internet Explorer 11 (8.9%), Firefox (10%) and Chrome, which dominates with its head and shoulders (63.6%).

The code name of this next software that will become the default browser for Windows 10 is named after a Californian city: Anaheim.

Recently, two Microsoft developers had been seen contributing to the development of Chromium, but this had been interpreted as assistance in porting Google’s browser, Chrome, to a native version for Windows 10 on an ARM.

Microsoft is not in uncharted territory; it had already made this effort to run Edge on another engine than its own when it launched the Android and iOS versions of the browser a year ago.

This has of course nothing to do with the infamous Chromium malware that appeared lately :

Chinese manufacturers leading the smartphone market in 2018

The serious company Gartner just released its smartphone sales figures for the third quarter of 2018. Overall, this market remained relatively stable thanks to the excellent performance of the leading Chinese manufacturers, led by Huawei and Xiaomi.

The trend of slowing down the growth of the global smartphone market continues. According to the latest figures published by Gartner for the third quarter of 2018, sales of this device increased by 1.4% worldwide. It means that 389 million terminals were sold during the three months concerned (July, August, and September). According to Anshul Gupta, research director at Gartner, the smartphone market would have declined by 5.2% without the contribution of Huawei and Xiaomi.

These two manufacturers show the most substantial growth compared to the previous year. Huawei once again confirms his second place, behind Samsung and ahead of Apple. The Chinese manufacturer sold 52 million smartphones in the third quarter and grew by 43% compared to the previous year. Over the period, Huawei enjoyed a 13.4% market share, up almost four points. His competitor Xiaomi is still a step back from the podium. With 33 million mobile phones sold between July and September, the company grew by 23% in volume. Xiaomi smartphones accounted for 8.5% of global smartphone sales in the third quarter.

smartphone market shares

Samsung is losing shares, Apple sales mark a stop

Samsung is in a completely different dynamic and is suffering from the rise of it’s Chinese competitors. The South Korean giant sold 73 million smartphones over the period and is still far ahead of its pursuers. However, this figure is down 14% from 2017, and Samsung lost 2.4 percentage points of market share. Chaebol suffers from disappointing sales of its flagship products, the Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note9, while its price positioning in the mid-range segment is struggling to compete with that of Chinese manufacturers.

Apple is limiting the damage with steady sales in the third quarter of 2018. The Californian company has delivered 45 million of his iPhones worldwide, maintaining it’s market share at around 11.8%. The fourth quarter figures will probably be more interesting to watch, with the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max series being released at the end of the period under review, while the iPhone Xr arrived at the end of October.

5 Tips for Entrepreneurs in the IT Field

The role of entrepreneurs in social media is growing and growing by the minute all around the world, and with such an important role, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with it.  As a consequence, the IT industry is developing and it is often difficult to understand or have a successful outcome.

Here are some tips you can use if you’re starting in the IT Field:

Understanding Where You Are:

There’s always certain confusion in entrepreneurs. You must understand that before you start a business, you are a “startup” company. A startup is a young company that is beginning to develop. However, a startup is not always a startup, as a baby does not remain a baby. It grows, such as the company is bound to do.

As a beginner, you would experience a lot of things in order to understand what makes you money, and what makes you grow as a company.  Once you’ve figured out what gives you the financial growth that you need, you’ll have a full-on business

Have Faith In Your Venture

To make it in the IT industry you must have patience. IT companies are more dependent on technological knowledge, the ability to discover and create opportunities and the development of innovative products, devices, solutions, and professional skills.

Built A Diverse Team Of Employees

Your team is the most important part of your business. They are the physical representation of your work, in that case, they must be a diverse group of educated people with different backgrounds, that your customers can relate and identify with.

Learn From Failures

As a new company, you are set up to fail a couple of times. That is okay and normal.  That helps you understand the approach that you have to take to succeed in the IT industry. Learn from your mistakes and keep going.

Don’t Exaggerate Your Workload

This tends to happen more commonly as you would think to the new companies, and they don’t set up the necessary boundaries and end up having a complete mess. Trying to do everything at once almost never work. Take your time, and take an amount of workload that you can manage.

An entrepreneur would continue on growing in the IT industry. Most of our lives are conducted through social media and with that, more people would rise up in this field.  The most important thing is to actually start and to believe in your talent.

The Game Plan – Web Hosting for Small Businesses Made Easy

As an entrepreneur, web hosting has become one of the most important things to have. Web Hosting is a company service where your storage center found online houses all the information, videos, images, , and other content that involves your website.

There are 3 types of Web Hosting, and in order to choose the right one, you must understand them all.  Here’s an easy explanation:

Shared Hosting:

If you are an owner of multiple websites this is the right one for you. This type of web hosting is one of the cheapest, in other words, if you don’t count with a high budget, this is the best option for you, with 3-6$ a month.

However, if you are a “Power user” and need the full control of the website, this is not the one for you. One of the disadvantages of this server has to share resources with other accounts on the server so you may not always get the best or fastest results when it comes to website load time.

Nevertheless, shared hosting often includes an easy control panel for the user, being this one the most appreciated and common.

Dedicated Hosting:

This server is full-on dedicated to only one website. So, if you’re looking for a server to have all the control this is definitely the one you should go for. Due to the exclusivity of this server, it is one of the most expensive hosting services out there, costing up to $100/month.

It’s not recommended to start off with this server if you don’t have a high budget. However, you can start with the shared hosting to gain more platforms and to let your name be heard, and then upgrade to the dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting

Virtual private server hosting, or VPS, it is a dedicated hosting within a shared hosting environment.  This server lets you to expand faster, starting up with a small traffic you can easily become a large traffic website. However, due to how fast growing it is, it’s more expensive than a dedicated hosting.

Knowing where you should start and where you are as a company, it’s a very important thing for your website. Knowing the difference between these three web hosting services, it should be easier to choose the right one for your company.

Whether you are a low or high point on your website, you have plenty of options where you can start.